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Top Ten Traditional Food Festivals in America

This time,we want to introduce “Top Ten Traditional Food Festivals in America”to you.

Food Festivals in America

Food Festivals in America

1. Chicago Food Festival The Chicago Food Festival began in 1980 and is known as the “largest food festival” in the world. It is held every summer in Grant Park by the Chicago Lake. This year’s Chicago Food Festival will be held between July 9 and 13. There will be high-end restaurants and special snacks sold on cars. Interestingly, Chicago Food Festival is not only famous for food but also for music-this year’s Chicago Food Festival invited musicians such as American rock band Awolnation and American rock singer Janelle Monáe to perform live to create a feast of taste and hearing.

2. Travers City, NationalCherry Festival Travers City, Michigan, USA is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World”. Due to the favorable local climate conditions, the cherries produced are especially large and fresh and sweet. Travers City has held a week-long Cherry Festival in July every year since 1926. This year’s Cherry Festival will be held from July 5 to 12. During this period, people can not only taste cherry pie and cherry pancakes and other delicacies from Cherry City, but also play beach volleyball and listen to band performances at the seaside while enjoying the delicacies. It is very enjoyable.

3. Copper RiverWild! Salmon Festival) The Cooper River in Cordoba, Alaska, is a great place to taste fresh and plump salmon meat. The annual Cooper River Wild Salmon Festival naturally involves a barbecue dinner at night. After eating fish, people will hold a cooking competition to cook salmon just caught from the river in their own way, and the winner will be named “king of salmon”. If you are worried about eating too much, you can also take part in the race the next day. The 2014 Salmon Festival will be held from July 18 to 19. Most of the activities will be free of charge.

4. VermontCheesemakers Festival Vermont has the largest number of cheese makers in the United States, so it is well-deserved to be the first choice for the cheese making festival. The Cheese Festival was held in Shelbourne, Vermont, on July 20 this year. After paying an entrance fee of US$ 50, people can visit the cheese making factory to learn about the cheese making process and have a special person to demonstrate the cheese making steps.

5. Gilroy GarlicFestival Garlic Festival sounds a bit heavy, but it is definitely worth it. The Gilroy Garlic Festival will be held from July 25 to 27 this year. There will be various kinds of delicious food and drinks as well as handmade exquisite products for sale, and outdoor live performances will be added to the fun. Of course, garlic is a well-deserved protagonist-there will be 2 tons of garlic from Christopher farm as food on the day of the garlic festival, and naturally there will be various garlic-related foods, such as garlic-flavored fish cakes and garlic-flavored ice cream. In the face of such unique dishes, it is not enough to have appetite alone. You should have a brave heart when eating.

6. Maine LobsterFestival in rockland If you are a seafood enthusiast, the lobster festival in rockland, Maine, should be a necessary part of your trip. This year’s Dragon and Shrimp Festival starts on July 30 and lasts for 5 days. The lobster used for cooking during the festival will weigh more than 20,000 pounds. Besides eating, you can also take part in parades and watch live performances. It can be described as a carnival for lobster enthusiasts.

7. Portland Food Festival The Oregon Food Festival, held on the banks of the Portland River, is one of Oregon’s most popular festivals in summer. During the festival, people can not only taste many local delicacies and more than 20 kinds of Oregon beer and wine, but also make wine by themselves, which must be a lot of fun.

8. sparks Rib Cook-Off The Nevada Rib Cooking Contest will be held in downtown sparks from August 27 to September 1. Although it is a food event in the form of a competition, the competition is also destined to be a carnival of food and merchandise. Twenty-four of the world’s top chops cooking masters will turn 230,000 pounds of chops into tasteless dishes to be tasted by the public, and the winner of the competition will receive a prize of $12,500-an irresistible temptation for both the contestants and the public.

9. HudsonValley Food & Wine Fest in Rhinebeck Town Hudson Valley in new york is home to several top wineries in the United States and is also the preferred summer resort for new york residents. Every year, Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival has a variety of specialty snacks, high-quality wines and handicrafts, attracting tourists from all over the world and representatives of major wineries to taste.

10. Hawaiian Beer Food & Wine Festival Sunny beach, fine wine and delicacies, tropical customs-it is an ideal picture for summer vacation. Such a perfect scene can be fully experienced during the week-long Hawaiian Beer and Food Festival. Hawaii is a holiday resort, and the beautiful scenery is certainly out of question. In addition, exquisite dishes and delicious wine from 80 famous international chefs, coupled with the unique cultural atmosphere of Hawaii, will definitely add a beautiful touch to your holiday experience.

Of all the food carnivals, there is always one that makes your index finger move. Your heart is not as good as your heart, ladies and gentlemen, hurry up and cross the ocean to satisfy your stomach.



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