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American Customs And Habits

Hygiene habits Americans have developed a habit of loving hygiene. There is an old saying that you don’t need to clean your shoes after walking on the streets of the United States for a week. As soon as you go out, you don’t need to bring sanitary articles and water. You can see sanitary facilities everywhere. It is very convenient to use the toilet and water. When you go to school and feel thirsty, you can drink the tap water. When you go to a restaurant for dinner, you have good paper towels and paper bags. After finishing the meal, the customer will take away the leftovers voluntarily. And when you eat, you eat in big gulps, trying not to make any noise, so as not to affect others. The rooms are generally carpeted and equipped with ventilation equipment and air conditioning equipment. The interior and exterior of the house are beautifully decorated and the surrounding environment is clean and beautiful. No one litters or spits.

American Customs And Habits

American Customs And Habits

The habit of queuing Americans do things according to rules and regulations. Therefore, queuing has become their inherent habit. Shopping, dining, buying tickets, getting on the bus and so on all proceed in sequence. absolutely no one cuts in the queue. acquaintances can nod to each other when they meet and will not take the opportunity to help. If the clerk who provides you with service finds someone cutting the queue, he will immediately stop it and show no mercy. When it’s your turn, you have to wait until he or she calls you before you can cross the yellow line to receive service. Otherwise, they will be criticized.

The teacher’s habit of lecturing The status of American teachers is neither high nor low, but they have much stronger autonomy and authority than Chinese teachers. The plan, content, method and examination of class are basically decided by the teacher. Therefore, teachers are more active in thinking, and they pay more attention to students’ practical ability to apply knowledge. In this way, they have formed their basic habit of attending classes: they regard themselves as guides for students, establish equal relations with students, participate in students’ discussions together, turn textbook contents into case analysis, let students ask questions and praise them in time, regardless of whether their questions are right or wrong, agree or disagree. Generally speaking, they divide a class into two parts: the first part asks questions or the content of the class; In the second half of the session, the teacher asked the students to discuss the problem. The students were free to speak and all the students scrambled to speak. The teacher will affirm each student’s performance and then put forward his own opinions or conclusions. Sometimes, when encountering more difficult problems, the teacher will disturb the seating arrangement in the classroom and divide into several groups to discuss. The students trained according to this model have more innovative ability, broader vision, lively and extroverted personality, strong practical ability, etc.

The habit of talking There are few and simple contacts between Americans. Just say hello when you meet someone you know, and seldom make phone calls or drop in at night. Only when something happened did I call my relatives and friends. Just call 911 if you have something, someone will help immediately. The public service in the United States is so good that there is little dependence between people. When dealing with people who are not familiar with each other, they bring small gifts to show that they disturb each other to show their appreciation. There is no need for heavy gifts. People are invited to give a report or introduce experience. It is not necessary to receive a light bus. The State Department of Transportation does not recognize a high-ranking official when introducing experience.

The habit of thinking The American way of thinking is very different from ours. (1) like to be different; 2)Agree to disagree; 3)Everything is above board. American eyes “Forgetting the past equals betrayal” is the creed of many nations. But the American creed is “forget the past and look to the future.” They think that the past has no real meaning and only the present and future are worth the time to do. Therefore, there is no constant feud between individuals. They do not agree with the saying that “it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years” and “it is not too late to hide until the first day of the month but not until the fifteenth day of the month.” The American vision is based on reality and material benefits. They don’t like to hear you talk about everything from your personal history to the history of your country.

The habit of keeping pets Almost all American families have pets. Pets are mainly dogs and cats. Because American families are very unstable, many of them are reorganized. Therefore, there is no eternal affection between people, and so is the affection between husband and wife, and they must respect each other’s privacy. In this way, pets become the most ideal emotional sustenance. She is an eternal friend of human beings, will listen to your mercy, will please you, will not quarrel with you, and will make you feel victorious and king. So some people joke that every American is inferior to even a pet. There are special provisions on pets in the traffic rules. They also have the right of first refusal. If they crush it, they must report it. If they crush it, they must send it to a pet hospital for timely treatment. Otherwise, you will be fined heavily. Pets should be buried after death.
The American habit of arguing Americans like to argue. They don’t like silence. They have formed the habit of ordinary people arguing before everything else. By arguing to reach a consensus, no consensus can be reached. By raising hands or voting, the majority is subordinate to the minority, which is what is called democracy. Personal value is more important than anything else. Whether personal value can be realized is regarded as an important mark of success. The freedom and democracy that Americans are fond of talking about are the inevitable result of the development of personal values. The habit of arguing makes Americans adventurous, challenging and creative.

The American Concept of Work Americans regard work as part of their lives. No matter how rich they are, they must all have their own jobs. They are very dedicated to their work and work efficiently. They think it is guilty of wasting time and doing nothing. There is a clear distinction between working hours and entertainment hours. Americans like to talk about “work dignity”. Work is the embodiment of human ability and values. American company bosses and other leaders may take part in manual labor at any time. They will be respected by others rather than belittled.

The habit of using email In the daily life of the United States, electronic mail (Email) has become one of the most practical and common means of communication. Apart from chatting and making more use of the telephone, people basically use Yi Meier to transmit documents, notifications and messages. Because she is not limited by time and space. But also has high accuracy and strong operability. She is used for communication between teachers and students in the school, for changing homework in class and in peace. The notice of the school meeting is given in Yi Meier. Businessmen in the society use her to do business.
Concept of marriage The United States is a country that stresses law and human rights. Their values are equality and freedom. Therefore, equality, mutual respect and the preservation of privacy are the basis for marriage to survive. Americans can have many heterosexual friends before they get married, but they don’t want each other to have heterosexual friends after they get married. Once discovered, divorce is inevitable. According to American custom, couples attend important social activities, banquets or parties held between friends. I have found that American couples are very loving, both in and out. However, the divorce rate among Americans is very high, about 60%, which is the highest in the world. After their divorce, they went to find the right person. Some people have summed up the American marriage in 20 words: romantic youth, passionate youth, faithful middle age and miserable old age. Of course, white-collar marriages are relatively stable.

American Customs (2) Meeting etiquette When they meet, they should greet each other, and the host should take the initiative to introduce his/her identity, the guest’s name, their work and hobbies (humorous). Shake hands with American friends, not with too little force, otherwise it is disrespectful. Smile and lean forward slightly. When men shake hands with women, they cannot shake hands with each other until the woman reaches out her hand. Americans have rich gestures and languages, and sometimes they put their hands on your shoulders to show their affirmation and encouragement. At the end of the meeting, tell them about the plan or feedback.

Dinner etiquette Before eating, you should simply dress yourself, neither too orthodox nor too casual. When eating, place the dishes, knives and forks flat, fork in left hand and knife in right hand. Americans are used to drinking iced drinks, wine and cocktails at large parties. Generally do not drink strong liquor. Drink, do not gulp, do not make noise. Also try not to make any noise when eating. Otherwise, they think it is indecent behavior. At the end of the meal, you should tidy up your used tableware, put it in your original position, and clean up the rest.

Courteous manners “It is an American habit. Because they are a vulnerable group, they deserve the care of healthy people.
Visiting etiquette Americans cherish time very much. To waste their time is to violate their individual rights. Therefore, a visit to an American friend must be made in advance. Prepare the topic and leave when it is over. They will be very happy if they give some small gifts. The guest cannot visit the room without the permission of the host. Americans don’t like visiting, but they like to invite some suitable friends to go sightseeing, fishing, parties, etc. on weekends.
Dressing habits Americans dress casually. There is an old saying that Americans are vulgar in speech, dress and spend money cheaply. It’s true. They usually wear very little when it is hot and very strong when it is cold. They are all wrapped in windbreaker or denim. Only in formal occasions can you put on more formal clothes such as suits and western skirts. You will be notified when you need to dress properly.

The habit of using body language Americans use body language more than we do. Shrugging one’s shoulders with an expression of displeasure indicates surprise, while shrugging one’s shoulders with a smile indicates affirmation. The forefinger and middle finger are loosely arranged in a “V” shape, indicating a gesture of “victory, refueling and encouragement”. The thumb and forefinger form a “6” shape, which means “right, agreed and good”. When Americans talk, their bodies are always moving, but they do not lose their sense of humor and just pay more attention. When speaking, one should not lean back or be too far away from the speaker. one should face the other and lean forward slightly. Thumb-forefinger friction makes a sound to indicate encouragement, support or a new idea. The position in which two hands are crossed or placed at the waist to indicate a fight. The palm of your hand moves back and forth upward to say hello. Use your index finger to show provocation or impolite behavior, but it can be used to greet animals.

Habits of work and rest The working and rest time of Americans is very clear. The work is to work, the rest is to rest, can’t disturb. To do things and do business, one must finish them during the working hours. Americans prefer to make decisions in person or on the negotiation table, rather than finding a relationship to solve problems afterwards or in private. Friday night is the customary time for friends to get together. They can sing, dance, drink and play games as much as they like. On Saturdays and Sundays, they take their families or three or five friends to drive to the outside world to play.



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